Customer story

Alliade Habitat

Generating additional income from the under-utilized parking lots of a social housing operator

870 employees
42,700 houses
€202M turnover

Who is Alliade Habitat?


Alliade Habitat, a branch of "Action Logement", is a social housing operator whose objective is to guarantee an optimal quality of life for company employees and modest families. It is the leading housing operator in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region with a portfolio of 42.700 housing units.

It supports and advises local partners to boost the link between employment and housing.

The Context

As part of a strong CSR policy, Alliade is committed to a number of objectives, such as:

  • Ensuring their economic performance
  • Promoting the social balance of the territories 
  • Acting to preserve the environment

Achieving these objectives requires, among other things, efficient and intelligent management of their parking resources.


The challenges

As a housing operator, Alliade faces many issues related to parking lots and parking resources. 

They have therefore chosen to collaborate with BePark for the operation of :

  • 8 secure parking lots in urban areas
  • 155 under-utilized parking spaces


Alliade had multiple objectives:

  • Maximize the revenue generated by the parking lots to ensure optimal economic performance
  • Make underexploited places available to the inhabitants of the area. This makes it possible to work towards a social balance of the territories
  • Make their underused parking lots available to local residents, thus reducing congestion in areas where traffic is often dense


The solution

Create value for unoccupied locations

Alliade was looking for a way to generate additional income from existing but under-utilized parking resources by making parking spaces available to the community. 

With this goal in mind, Alliade approached BePark to make its parking spaces in France profitable.

The access technology that was installed made it possible to manage 8 different parking lots for a total of 155 spaces.

The management of these 155 parking spaces will be entirely handled by BePark, which means that Alliade will not have to worry about anything regarding the promotion of these spaces and the customer and technical follow-up it requires.


The results

This collaboration between Alliade and BePark, which started in February 2017, is a success. The implementation of an access system and management software now allows Alliade to generate additional revenues from its parking lots. Alliade has made its parking space profitable and increased its parking occupancy rate.

The operator now enables several local residents to benefit from a guaranteed daily parking space.

The time that Alliade used to spend on parking management can now be devoted to other equally important tasks.

Here are some key figures representing the results of the implementation of the BePark solution:

Key figures

Alliade Habitat

0 % occupancy rate achieved in the 8 parking lots
0 revenue generated on 155 parking spaces in 3 years
Parking System

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