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Who is Altran?


Altran is one of the world leaders in engineering and R&D services. The company offers its clients an unrivaled value proposition to meet their transformation and innovation needs. Altran accompanies its clients from the initial concept to industrialization in order to invent the products and services of tomorrow.

Altran is part of the Capgemini Group, a world leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology services and engineering. The group helps its clients seize the opportunities offered by the cloud, digital and platforms.

The Context

Many consultants on assignment do not have a parking space at their clients' premises, as the latter are not obliged to provide them with one. These consultants are therefore confronted with a parking problem on a daily basis. Thus, the consultants need a parking solution close to the offices of the different clients.

In addition, it is difficult for the fleet manager to implement a parking policy for various reasons:

  • High staff turnover
  • A need for employee flexibility
  • Consultants and multi-site management

A parking management solution is therefore necessary to have a better visibility on the parking and to implement a parking policy.

The Challenges

  • Find a parking solution for consultants on assignment: Make sure that each consultant has a parking space close to his clients' offices. This will prevent wasted time and control parking costs.
  • Have better visibility on employee and consultant parking: A need for visibility on all parking information for the Altran site but also for the various parking lots used by the consultants in order to be able to rationally estimate the needs of each.
  • Optimize the use of the company's parking lot: Be able to implement a parking policy that takes into account the different access needs of the various profiles within the company. This parking policy will allow a more intelligent use of the parking lot.

The Solution Implemented

1. Using BePark parking management software

By implementing a parking policy via the BePark platform, Altran has seen an increase in its parking occupancy rate. In addition, the easy-to-use software has enabled centralized management and allocation of the various types of access to the parking lot.

Access to the parking lot has been simplified and is now done via ANPR or via the BePark app on smartphones. The platform provides clear visibility thanks to its dashboard showing the entries and exits of the parking lot.

2. Parking spaces made available to consultants

Altran can now rely on BePark to find parking spaces for consultants on assignment. These spaces can be in a parking lot operated by BePark but also in a parking lot belonging to our partners.

This is a flexible parking solution with a minimum of 3-month leases that can be terminated at any time after this period. There is no minimum number of spaces to reserve in the parking lot. This is a tailor-made parking solution for consultants.

The cost of renting these parking spaces is significantly lower than the cost of parking in a public or on-street parking lot. The amount charged to the customer for the consultant will therefore be lower.

The fleet manager can consult the access lists of the consultants in the different parking lots. This allows an understanding of the use of the parking space and a quicker decision if the space is no longer occupied.

If several consultants working for the same client do not have the same parking needs, it is possible to pool the parking spaces of the consultants and define a number of parking spaces that they will share.

The Results

Thanks to the flexible parking solution for consultants, Altran can now quickly and easily find parking spaces for its consultants regardless of the location and duration of their mission.

Key figures


0 Registered users on the BePark platform (employees and consultants)
0 % Parking occupancy rate

As Altran moved to another location, we needed a user-friendly reservation system to optimize our available and valuable parking spots. The tool is an answer to our needs. It is user-friendly for drivers and for back office, reports are useful and can easily be downloaded. The reservation system is definitely an asset and highly recommended!

Ingrid VanderlindenFleet Manager, Altran

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