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Who is Bouygues Immobilier?


Bouygues Immobilier was founded in 1956 and is a subsidiary of the Bouygues group, which has established itself as one of the leaders in real estate development in France.

With 36 locations in mainland France and 3 international locations, Bouygues Immobilier develops a variety of projects ranging from housing, shops, and offices to sustainable neighborhoods.

As an operator committed to sustainable development and innovation, Bouygues' objective is to provide the perfect response to consultations for major urban projects.

Ambitions of Bouygues Immobilier

Bouygues Immobilier aims to design major urban projects. The real estate developer wants to maximize its positive impacts and bring about better living in the city by reducing the negative impacts on CO2 emissions, biodiversity, and resources.

The developer does its utmost to provide solutions to meet customer expectations through its know-how, expertise, and ability to listen and understand.

Bouygues Immobilier ensures that its projects are integrated into their ecosystem. It works at both the building and neighborhood levels and engages in dialogue with local authorities and partners to create comprehensive solutions that fit in as well as possible with the city.


The context

In 2017, Bouygues Immobilier was named winner of a consultation launched by the European Metropolis of Lille for the Sensorium project

This mixed project includes :

  • 135 housing units
  • 18,000 sq. m. of office space
  • 1000 sq. m. of activity, services, and shops

Bouygues Immobilier called on BePark to provide a parking solution adapted to the needs of the project, Bouygues' expectations, and user demand for parking.


Parking challenges

In terms of parking, the project is facing challenges that Bouygues has decided to meet with the help of BePark. 

Under-used parking spaces to be taken advantage of

This can be achieved by using the empty daytime housing spaces to provide additional spaces for the rest of the programming and the neighborhood.

Mixed-use of the parking lot

Different user profiles will be found on this mixed project with distinct needs, allowing for better optimization of the parking lot. It is necessary to have the right tools to make this optimization concrete. 

Provide enough space for the occupants and local residents

The neighborhood is facing a parking problem as there are not enough parking spaces to meet its needs. Project office users will also need an alternative solution. 


The solution implemented

The BePark solution was deployed to address the various parking objectives of this project.

The sharing of parking spaces

A shared parking lot is a private parking lot made available to external people via an infrastructure allowing secure access for both the tenant and the owner. The aim is to benefit users looking for a secure parking solution.

In this particular case, a part of the parking spaces dedicated to housing will be taken care of by BePark. These parking spaces will be shared so that different people can use them while guaranteeing the space to the owner. They will be offered for rent to office space employees and local residents. Access to the parking lot will remain secure thanks to the installation of an access control box by BePark. 

This rental allows the initially under-utilized spaces to generate additional regular income for the owners. 

Using BePark parking management software

The digital management of the parking lot allows for it to be optimized. This optimization results in several advantages and possibilities. 

  • Maximization of mutualization between users
  • Increase in parking occupancy rate
  • Centralized management of the different types of access to the parking lot
  • Parking management in real-time

Provision of additional parking spaces

To meet the parking needs of office employees, visitors and local residents, a parking lot belonging to a building located near the project has been made available. All users now have an additional secure parking solution at their disposal.


The results

The implementation of the BePark solution enables Bouygues Immobilier to meet all the parking challenges involved in this Sensorium project. Parking needs can be met not only for occupants but also for local residents.

  • Shared parking spaces will now be available in urban areas where parking is dense.
  • All of these shared parking spaces will be managed with BePark parking management software
  • The owners of these rented spaces will receive a fixed income while continuing to park in their space whenever they wish.
  • Additional parking spaces will be available in a nearby parking facility for non-resident users.
Key figures

The results

0 parking spaces to mutualize
0 % of the shared parking places managed with BePark's platform
Parking System

The parking challenges are complex and important. With BePark we have been able to establish an effective and reactive collaboration that offers an innovative solution, both for developers and communities concerning parking issues.

Carine RajDirector of Major Urban Projects North West Region, Bouygues Immobilier

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