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Optimizing underused parking spaces while integrating Delhaize's stores locally

116000 employees
€5bn turnover
3534 stores

Who is Delhaize?


Delhaize is a leading retail brand belonging to the Ahold Delhaize group.

Founded in Belgium in 1867 by Jules Delhaize, the company has a large number of supermarkets but also franchised convenience stores. 

This large sales network has enabled the chain to develop its reputation and to be present in the four corners of Belgium and the world. Today the brand has 3,534 stores with approximately 116,000 employees. The company serves millions of customers every day.

The context

The parking lots of Delhaize stores are reserved for Delhaize customers who come to do their shopping there. Unfortunately, the stores face an abusive use of their parking during opening hours. Indeed, people park their cars there to go to another place not far from the store. This poses a problem because Delhaize customers will find themselves in front of a full parking lot when they try to find a place to do their shopping.

These parking lots that are sometimes saturated during the day, find themselves empty during store closing hours, while on-street parking is becoming increasingly rare. The demand for parking spaces is clearly there.

This space that remains empty is thus not profitable for the stores; this means space is not fully optimized.


The solution

The BePark access system was installed in the parking lots of Delhaize stores. This allowed these stores to:

Control access to the parking lot
Now, only Delhaize customers and BePark users are able to access the parking lot. This means that parking spaces are put to good use. Supermarket customers are now sure to find a parking space when they shop.

Sharing the use of the parking lot
Local residents now have a safe and low-cost parking solution close to their homes. They can rent a parking space via the BePark application.

Generate additional income
Parking spaces that were subsequently underused are now rented by local residents. This, therefore, represents a regular income generated by the supermarket. This has made the parking lot profitable.


The support

BePark worked with each store involved to define their needs and objectives. Some stores decided to rent space during their opening and closing hours, others only during their closing hours. Once this was done, the BePark access system was installed in the various parking lots. Once this system was in place, the stores were able to see the number of trespassers reduced.

BePark then took over the promotion and marketing of the rented parking spaces. We also take care of customer invoicing and after-sales service. Delhaize doesn't have to worry about all these things; we take care of everything for them.


The results

The collaboration has enabled Delhaize to integrate its supermarkets locally by offering parking spaces to local residents. The brand's image is seen more positively thanks to this offer of parking spaces.

More than 700 local residents use the parking spaces located in the 13 Delhaize parking lots operated by BePark. Here are more results obtained since the implementation of the BePark solution:

Key figures


0 parking spaces freed up for local residents
0 % additional income
0 % of trespassing reduction

One of Delhaize's top priorities is to integrate its stores locally. Sharing our parking lots is one way to achieve this. We are proud to have partnered with BePark to help ease the parking issue in these neighborhoods.

Denis KnoopsEx CEO, Delhaize Belux

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