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Improving employees’ parking experience while working towards a sustainable environment at an insurance company

75000 employees
€12bn revenue
Insurance & banking

Who is Marsh?


Marsh is a global leader in insurance brokerage and risk management. Operating in 130 countries, the company helps clients anticipate, quantify, and fully understand the various risks they face. 

The company is aware of the need to preserve the environment in order to provide a better future for generations to come. Marsh is successful in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Marsh's Ambitions

Provide additional services to employees

The company wants to best meet the various needs of its employees by providing services, allowing them to be more fulfilled at work by making their daily lives easier.

Adopting a mobility strategy

Marsh’s goal is to encourage more environmentally friendly travel. 


The context

Marsh had parking for its offices in Brussels, but there were not enough parking spaces to meet the needs of the employees.

This situation led to the company's decision to rent parking spaces via BePark. Access to the parking lots in which these spaces were located was by badges.

Parking management faced many complications: a lot of time was lost by the fleet manager, badges were lost and had to be replaced, and it was impossible to forecast the number of badges exceeding the number of spaces rented; preventing intelligent and shared management of the resources.

From this situation, Marsh realized that what they needed was a parking management software to control access and enable centralized management of the various parking facilities.


Parking challenges

Marsh was facing a variety of parking challenges and decided to turn to BePark to help overcome them: 

Avoid loss of time for employees

Every day, employees who are not sure if they have a space inside the company parking lot waste time looking for a spot near the workplace.

Have good visibility on the use of the parking lot/centralized management

It is difficult for the fleet manager to control the parking lot without good visibility of all the parking resources. Each site is managed individually, which is time-consuming and
also complicates the fleet manager's task.

Provide sufficient parking spaces for employees

There are not enough parking spaces to meet the parking needs of Marsh employees. 

Optimize rental costs

Poor visibility in the parking lot results in costs that could be avoided. A better knowledge of parking usage would make it possible to rent fewer spaces in outdoor parking lots. 


The solution implemented

In order to meet Marsh's parking challenges, additional parking spaces were made available to employees. Each site (Brussels, Antwerp, Liege) benefited from the installation of the BePark access system and parking management software.

1. Provision of additional parking spaces for the different sites in Belgium

This allowed Marsh to :

  • Provide sufficient parking spaces to meet the needs of employees. Employees are now more satisfied with Marsh's service.
  • Analyze parking usage after a few months to halve the number of spaces rented by the company. As a result, Marsh is saving money each month on parking space rentals.

2. Use of parking management software

The BePark parking management software enabled Marsh to optimize the management of the various parking lots at its disposal.

The company is now able to:

  • Analyze parking data, plan for demand, and adjust supply for maximum parking utilization.
  • Manage parking and parking policy centrally across all sites in a single tool. National coverage, as sites are scattered in different locations in Belgium. 
  • Simplify parking management. Access to the parking lot is done using employees’ smartphones, which means there are no badges to manage.
  • Have visibility on the availability within the parking lot. Employees can reserve their own space in advance and free it up at any time if they don't need it, so that it can be used by someone else.
  • Being able to differentiate between different types of access: bicycle access, electric cars, carpooling...  This allows for more sustainable means of transportation.


The results

The provision of additional parking spaces coupled with the use of BePark software for all sites allows Marsh to address the full range of parking challenges the company was facing. 

  • Occupancy rates across all parking facilities have been increased
  • The fleet manager saves time every day on the management of the parking lots
  • The number of users with potential access has doubled
  • Access management enables employees to plan their mobility
  • The fleet manager has a clearer view of the parking lot thanks to the data provided by the software
Key figures

Marsh quickly achieved

0 % of time saved by the fleet manager on parking management
0 % parking lot occupancy rate during the week
0 x more users with potential access to the parking lot

Today, parking resources are too rare not to be managed properly. With BePark, we can encourage our employees to come to the office by alternative means of transport while maintaining an optimal fill rate.

Kris Lefebure Facilities manager & OHS advisor, Marsh

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