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Izix gives you visibility, flexibility and control for your parking management, helping you design forward-thinking parking policies, increase parking availability through our extensive partner network and commercialize your under-used spaces through external tenants.

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Your Answer to Today’s Parking Demands

Izix’s agile platform improves the entire parking experience with flexible, streamlined management tools and simplified booking experiences for end users. Izix integrates with your existing hardware and parking ecosystem, creating the fastest time-to-value and driving immediate results.

Parking Management

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Izix solves for your unique parking needs, helping you commercialize vacant lots, optimize utilization and expand parking availability with ease. Learn how we can help you.

Facility Management Facility Management
Simplify Parking Oversight Gain visibility into parking to optimize usage and security without adding extra hassle.
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HRcareIcon Human Resources
Increase Employee Satisfaction Alleviate employees’ parking concerns with data-driven policies that boost flexibility, fairness and ...
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car_bike4 Mobility Management
Design Forward-Thinking Mobility Strategies Enhance your mobility strategies with automated parking management and advanced insights. Incentivize ...
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PropertyManager Property Management
Simplify Parking Management Gain visibility into tenant parking usage and improve management from a single vantage point.
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growthIcon Asset Management
Maximize Parking Revenue Commercialize your underutilized spaces and boost profits for your properties.
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drive parking revenue

Fill underutilized spaces and turn parking into a profit center

Izix identifies under-utilized parking spaces and connects you with tenants to fill these spots. This scalable service can maximize the value of your parking assets across all of your properties.

Enhance parking management

Solve parking management challenges with clarity and control

Enforce access counting and usage policies, get real-time utilization data across all your locations and identify opportunities for improvement with Izix’s sophisticated management tools.

Maximize Parking Efficiency

Optimize parking utilization with advanced insights

Surface crucial opportunities to improve parking efficiency with Izix's detailed usage data and clear dashboards. Use these insights to manage demand and drive new mobility policies.

expand parking resources

Meet your growing demand for parking, instantly

Scale your parking availability through Izix's extensive partner network. We’ll connect your business with the spaces you need, so you can stay focused on growing.


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