Multi-site Management

Seamless, Centralized Management for All Your Sites

Manage complex, multi-site parking policies from one centralized platform with Izix.

Consolidate Your Parking Management

No matter how many parking locations you need to manage, Izix can support you with them all.

  • Achieve company-wide parking management across multiple offices and auxiliary parking lots

  • Support parking solutions for employees frequently moving between managed sites

  • Update parking policies globally and eliminate site-related complexities


Support Your Unique Organizational Structure

No matter how your organization is structured, Izix provides flexibility to create customized parking solutions.

  • Optimize utilization and enforce parking quotas at each of your locations

  • Manage multiple tenants and sub-organizations simultaneously

  • Access comprehensive parking data both organization-wide and at specific locations


Streamline Users’ Parking Experience Across All Locations

With one centralized app to manage parking access for all locations, Izix provides a seamless user experience.

  • Grant visibility into parking availability at multiple sites

  • Simplify booking and release at all locations

  • Track user quotas and utilization across multiple sites


Success Stories

See why businesses across multiple industries trust Izix to streamline access management and empower end-users and administrators.

Altran successfully manages 400 employees across 4 parking lots while improving employee satisfaction

Because of high staff turnover, high need of flexibility and necessity of multiple site management, the application of the parking policy quickly became a nightmare. There was a need for a standard tool and customized parking solutions.

Bouygues Immobilier made underutilized parking profitable across multiple locations

In 2017 Bouygues Immobilier was named winner of a consultation launched by the city of La Madeleine, in the Lille region. This project, which includes 135 housing units, 18,000 sq.m of office space and around 1,000 sq.m of business / services / shops, created many parking issues.

Ready to make the most of your parking?

See how our scalable, flexible solutions can maximize your parking potential now while adapting to your needs in the future.