Access Control

Simplify Parking Access Without Sacrificing Security

Izix brings clarity to your parking operations, integrating with your existing parking access hardware and software to ensure the right people have access to parking at the right times.

Flexible parking policy linked to access control

With Izix, you can allow flexible parking policies to be implemented in your building while keeping security under control. Linking the parking app with  access control will help to:

  • Keep control on security while allowing for more flexibility.

  • Ensure the parking policy is enforced.

  • Keep a view of who should or should not be in the parking at any point in time.


Parking single source of truth

As an integrated solution, Izix allows security and reception teams to identify who is at the gate, ensuring parking is properly granted based on parking rules in place. The platform automatically updates occupancy data in real-time, providing a single source of truth for your security and operations teams.


Gain operational visibility

Thanks to Izix's ability to collect comprehensive parking data and provide subsequent reporting, you can make smarter, security-driven decisions about your parking access policies.


How will access control work?

Customer Stories

Izix provides the security, clarity and flexibility you need.

Merco increased parking occupancy rate by 25%

Merco Real Estate faced three main challenges regarding mobility: Revitalize an existing office real estate asset and purchase a building nearby in order to offer services to tenants and a mix in the neighborhood; meet the needs of the mixed functions of the 2 buildings in terms of mobility with an economic return on parking spaces; optimize the occupancy rate of the parking lot, thus facilitating access for all types of customers.

Marsh tripled parking access for its available spaces

Regarding mobility within their company, Marsh was facing two main problems: A lack of parking spots for too many employees, and an efficiency problem in parking management. This led to the fact that a lot of employees lose time everyday trying to find a spot in their company parking lot. They were in need of a customized parking solution to solve all these challenges and make their employees' mobility experience better.

Altran achieved a 95% parking occupancy rate

Back in 2015, Altran was facing 3 major parking challenges in its Belgian HQ: Lack of parking spaces for employees; No parking solution for their consultants; Complexity and lack of visibility. Altran's employees were facing parking challenges in their everyday life, and they need parking spaces not only near the office, but also near other locations, such as when their consultants go to visit clients.

See how Izix can save you time and keep your parking secure

With rapid implementation and streamlined management, Izix is the smartest parking solution for parking access management.