Optimize Utilization with Data-Driven Occupancy Control

Use all of your spaces to their maximum potential with Izix's intelligent access management system.

Empower Users to Make Smart Decisions

Reduce vacancy, drive smart user parking decisions with effective occupancy control and unlock your parking potential

  • Provide a clear understanding of current parking availability

  • Enable users to use, book and release parking spaces on-demand

  • Update users on their remaining parking quota and parking status

  • Design mobility strategies based on user trends and forecasted demand

80% Current occupancy in EV Zone
40% Current occupancy in Visitor Zone
90% Current occupancy in Sales Zone

Manage Occupancy Across Zones

Control parking occupancy and manage your complex parking needs with intelligent parking zones. Ensure occupation quotas are respected across all zones at all times.

  • Vehicle-specific zones: Create specific zones for electric vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, large vehicles and more.

  • User-specific zones: Designate parking zones for visitors, staff, disabled access and more.

  • Business-specific zones: Manage parking for multiple business functions including events, deliveries, outside sales teams and more.

  • Tenant-specific zones: Coordinate parking occupancy across multiple tenants with tenant-specific zones. 


Improve occupancy management with operational visibility

Get the visibility you need to create agile occupancy decisions.

  • View up-to-date occupancy data across all properties, zones and users

  • Analyze historical occupancy trends to identify opportunities to reduce vacancies

  • Forecast demand to help plan occupancy management strategies for the future



Success Stories

See why businesses across multiple industries trust Izix to streamline access management and empower end-users and administrators.

Altran achieved a 95% parking occupancy rate

Due to the lack of spaces for back office employees in Altran's building, the company had to rent a parking building with 80 spaces near its office. It was a "take all or nothing" kind of deal. They ended up with too many spaces and a massive increase in parking fixed costs, which led to an urgent need of a customized solution.

Marsh tripled parking access for its available spaces

The Facility Manager of March lacked insight into what was really happening on the parking lot. It was obviously hard for him to know how many badges he had to distribute in order for employees to have parking access. Thus, many parking spaces remained unused every day while many employees had to park on the streets.

Centre Hospitalier Jean Titeca manages parking access for 500 employees

Due to construction of a new center, the number of Jean Titeca's staff was way more than the number of its existing spots in the parking lot. The hospital center was not able to ensure a space for each of its employees, which caused frustration with parking.

Ready to make the most of your parking?

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