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Each company faces slightly different situations. Over time we have built deep expertise, and we are always willing to share it over a quick call or during a meeting. Do not hesitate to reach out even if you are not sure about what you need. We will always be happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing work?

The pricing model depends on the combination of features and services you chose to use.

  • If you use software, the pricing is based on the number of spots managed in the software and the level of features you require.

  • If you use parking spaces from our network, you simply pay a monthly rent for them.

  • If you entrust us with the commercialization of your vacant parking, we usually take a commission fee on the revenues. 

To have a custom pricing estimate, get in touch with our team

Do we need to install any hardware?

Izix can work in many different situations with and without hardware. If you have existing barriers, we usually suggest integrating them seamlessly with our software via a connected device that we place at our own cost. This enables us to maximize control as well as the value you can get from the data collected.

Will someone help me with the implementation ?

Yes! Our absolute goal is to make sure that your experience as an Izix customer is a success. We provide you support and guidance all they way through.

Can Izix exchange data with my other tools?

Yes, if you have such a use case, we can integrate with your daily tools and automate use cases between systems so your parking can be managed properly. Integrations can be discussed on a use-case basis.

Is it secure to use Izix?

We place security of our customers' data at the forefront of our priorities. We are following very strict development guidelines and undergo regular security audits to make sure we stay up to date with the latest known threats.

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