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Turn parking into profit and maximize the value of your buildings with smart parking management.

Flexible, Forward-Thinking Parking Solutions

Fill empty lots, commercialize spaces during off-peak hours and maximize the ROI of your real estate. Izix helps asset managers make the most of their parking with intelligent, flexible solutions.

Expand parking resources

Agile solutions that make the most of your spaces

Izix helps asset managers create more value from their properties by ensuring spots are used efficiently throughout the entire building lifecycle and maximizing utilization per square meter, such as creating bike parking spaces.

1000+ Parking spots managed
€223k Net revenue generated
86% Parking occupancy rate
Customer Story

Cofinimmo increased parking ROI across its portfolio

As the largest listed property company in Belgium, Cofinimmo manages an enormous amount of square miles. For several years in a row, the company has trusted Izix to help it achieve their goals of getting more revenue on its parking lots, increasing occupancy rate, and avoiding potential costs caused by underused parking spaces.


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