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Streamlined, Simplified, Secure Parking Management

Forget the complicated hardware. The solution to your parking problems is simpler than you think. Izix provides the security, clarity and flexibility today’s facilities need.

Keep flexibility and control

Whether you want to improve occupancy tracking, manage multiple zones and complex cases, enforce new policies or get a better sense of who is using your parking and when, Izix can help.

Get parking oversight

Streamline parking management with Izix’s quick-start solution.

Izix’s integrated solution works with your existing hardware to help you manage parking policies, enhance security, improve operational visibility and spend more time on the things that matter most.

90% Parking occupancy rate
300% Increase in number of accesses
60% Time savings on operation
Customer Story

Marsh reached a 90% parking occupancy rate while boosting visibility

Marsh was facing two main challenges: A lack of parking spots for too many employees and an efficiency problem in parking management.


Izix in a few numbers

0 parking installations per month
0 + barriers managed in 3 countries
0 24/7 control room

See how Izix can improve your parking security

With rapid implementation, streamlined management and flexibility for the future, Izix is the smartest parking solution for facility management. Connect with us to see how we can help you today.