Real estate development

Innovative parking at the service of your future neighbourhood

Develop intelligent real estate projects by deploying cutting-edge shared parking solutions. Optimize your investments and increase your returns.

Partners who put their trust in us

From design to operation, we help our partners to find appropriate, intelligent and cost-effective parking solutions for all stakeholders.


Build fewer parking spaces thanks to the variety of your project

Take advantage of Izix's knowledge and capabilities in terms of the proliferation of parking spaces. Share parking spaces between different types of users and increase the profit per space while reducing the initial investment.

Free yourself from urban planning constraints (PLU) that require the construction of predetermined parking quotas.


Anticipate the operational needs during construction

Benefit from the knowledge of an operator who will accompany you during the construction and delivery phase. Anticipate needs such as: 

  • Preparing the physical installations and signage

  • Access flows for different types of users

  • The selection of equipment manufacturers and integrators.


Efficient operation guaranteed

Integrating mutualization right from the project phase with Izix allows you to make decisions that will guarantee the long-term success of the operation as well as the long-term integration of the project in the neighborhood. 


Shared parking has many advantages

In addition to optimizing investments and returns, the advantages of including shared parking are numerous, both for the developer and for the various stakeholders.

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Case study

Bouygues Immobilier was able to make an under-utilised parking lot profitable

In 2017, Bouygues Immobilier was named winner of a consultation procedure launched by the city of La Madeleine in the Lille region. The project, which includes 135 housing units, 18,000 m² of office space and around 1,000 m² of shops / services / activities, also raised the issue of parking.

Faced with the new challenges of mobility, Izix develops the parking lots for your projects

Our personalized support helps real estate developers transform the use of parking and increase their profitability - find out more about our methods now.

The parking challenges are complex and important. With Izix we have been able to establish an effective and reactive collaboration that offers an innovative solution, both for developers and communities concerning parking issues.

Carine RajDirector of Major Urban Projects North West Region, Bouygues Immobilier