Maximize Your Parking Potential

Don’t leave money in the parking lot. BePark helps you boost your bottom line by commercializing underused spaces.

Trusted across industries

Achieve Immediate Value

BePark integrates with your existing hardware and parking ecosystem, creating the fastest time-to-value and driving immediate results for real estate owners. Our team of experts provides hands-free implementation and fills vacant spaces with new tenants through our extensive partner network. 

1000+ Parking spots managed
€223k Net revenue generated
86% Parking occupancy rate

Cofinimmo increased parking ROI across its portfolio

To help Cofinimmo achieve their goals, BePark installed its access technology on the parking lots and started managing and commercializing the parking spaces across several channels.


The Simplest Way to Boost Parking ROI

Whether your parking lot is empty all day long or only during off-hours, BePark works with you to eliminate vacancies by finding new renters in your community and ensuring your spots are always filled.


We Handle the Details

You provide BePark with at least 10 available spaces, and we handle the rest. Our team of experts will fill your spaces with community renters, manage your tenant parking contracts and ensure maximum parking utilization at all times. Our flexible solution adapts to your changing needs, allowing you to cancel contracts whenever you need to.



Parking solutions for your role

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Simplify Parking Oversight Gain visibility into parking to optimize usage and security without adding extra hassle.
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Simplify Parking Management Gain visibility into tenant parking usage and improve management from a single vantage point.
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Maximize Parking Revenue Commercialize your under-utilized spaces and boost profits for your properties.
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