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Effective parking management is the direct consequence of a well-defined and well-established parking policy. Not only will effective parking management result in a financial gain, but it is also a gain for the environment.

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The Ultimate Guide to Parking Management

After helping hundreds of corporate clients to optimize their parking management, we gathered all our experience and knowledge, and wrote the mini-guide "The Ultimate Guide to Parking Management".

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What is parking management?

Parking management is defined as a set of strategies with the goal to increase the effectiveness of the current parking offer in your building or business. These strategies, put in place at the level of your building or your company include the establishment of rules of good use, clear policies but also possibly systems of prioritization or shared places between users.

Parking management is a complex task, that is why parking managers usually use a parking management system to help them work more efficiently and effectively.


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Mini guide
The Ultimate Guide to Parking Management


Who needs parking management?

Parking management can involve many factors depending on different situations or people.

First, the people involved can be mobility providers such as Fleet Manager / HR / Mobility Manager, as it is a profession encompassing several disciplines to ensure the proper functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, and processes.

It may also involve people working in real estate, such as property managers and facility managers. A Property manager is a person or a business that is responsible for operating properties for a fee. They may be in charge of relevant situations, particularly when the owner is unable to personally attend to such details, or is not interested in doing so, for example in cases concerning parking problems.


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Why do you need to optimize your parking management?

To help you readjust the imbalance between parking supply and demand.

The benefits of optimizing parking management:

  1. The management of parking spaces is an effective instrument to reduce the volume of traffic and environmental nuisances it generates.
  2. A parking management policy is one of the most effective measures for a modal shift towards more sustainable modes of transport.
  3. The removal of parking uncertainties eases management and eliminates stress for everyone.
  4. Reduce mobility costs for users.


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When do you need to optimize your parking?

It becomes interesting to optimize the management of your parking lot when the demand becomes superior to the offer. So, if you are a business and your number of parking spaces is no longer enough to supply your employees, it may be ingenious to use an alternative management solution such as a parking management system, which will allow parking managers to optimize existing parking spaces and make maximum use of them.

It may also be wise to optimize your parking when you are not using it, such as at night. Indeed, it is possible to make it accessible to external users to generate additional revenues.


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How do you know if your parking management is optimized?

Your parking management is optimal when you do not encounter the following problems:

  1. You collect complaints from your employees because of a lack of parking spaces and a real difficulty in finding alternative mobility solutions.
  2. You observe an increase in the stress of your employees and a permanent delay.
  3. Your parking lot is occupied by people outside or is vandalized.


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How can you optimize your parking management?


There are many ways to optimize your parking management to render it more attractive, secure, and filled. Taking advantage of an efficiently managed parking lot can bring you many benefits to reap from.

These include but are not limited to:

  1. The adoption of a parking management software, which can help you customize everything from access rights, policies to place assignation for your employees. These tools are usually logistically packed, allowing you to track entries and exits, view the current occupation and forecasted usage. Reports and analyses using these data give an overview of what works in order to reach maximum occupancy rates. Your employees of tenants will be satisfied based on the priority rules you defined!
  2. Working together with park sharing companies for the provision and reallocation of your unused parking spaces to drivers in need will help you increase the occupancy rate of your parking and get earn revenue from it.
  3. Searching and lending additional parking spaces near your office to offer a good parking experience for your employees or tenants in need.


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