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With effective implementation of smart mobility solutions, you will be able to reduce the carbon footprint of yourself and your employees, and better the accessibility of your parking.

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The Ultimate Guide to Smart Mobility

We gathered all the knowledge and resources and wrote the mini guide "The Ultimate Guide to Smart Mobility" after implementing hundreds of effective mobility solutions so that you can discover what Smart Mobility is, and why you need to implement it.

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What is Smart Mobility?

Smart Mobility is the set of tools that allows the implementation of mobility ideas. Its purpose is to improve the sustainability of travel and, above all, it has the characteristic of being totally or partially digitized.

Smart Mobility is an elaborate and innovative way of ensuring a travel policy. It is a means of approaching mobility in a digital way. This is why any technological or mobile application solution aimed at improving mobility is part of Smart Mobility.

Mobility refers to all travel modalities. One of the essential characteristics of mobility is that in our context, it takes place following an ecological and sustainable process.


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What is Smart Mobility?

Mini guide
The Ultimate Guide to Smart Mobility

Are you a Smart Mobility savvy?


Who are the actors of Smart Mobility?

Digital startups

They develop and market these solutions and very often invest in Research & Development. They are the ones who contribute to diversifying the offer in terms of services.

Transport operators

Whether public or private, they are key players in the implementation of smart mobility solutions. In particular, they intervene to allow access to their information. As a result of their activity, they are at the heart of the decision-making process.


Whether they are multinationals or SME's, they are often the leading actors and are increasingly on the lookout for new travel modalities. Due to their growing need to improve their CSR (Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility) policy, it is they, together with public institutions, who finance emerging mobility projects.


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What is the link between Smart Mobility and parking?

Smart parking management is an important part of Smart Mobility. Parking lots managed by a powerful parking management tool witness a whopping increase regarding accessibility, fluidity, and operation.

Many parking lots now make it possible to avoid the disadvantages associated with traditional parking lots, such as bad user experience, no visibility of the parking control, poor occupancy rate, etc.


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Why should we think of Smart Mobility as of today?

By implementing Smart Mobility solutions today, you are taking into account the ethical, social, and ecological dimensions of your business. Thus, you will reduce your travel costs, your ecological footprint, and fight against global warming.

In addition, you will contribute to the economy of the future by encouraging innovation, but most importantly, you will make your company more innovative.


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What are the advantages of Smart Mobility?

One of the advantages is accessibility. No need to pass in front of a camera or insert a card to pay for your ticket. Parking managers, companies, and owners can now rely on automation to save time and money.

Smart Parking reduces the carbon impact of parking managers and company employees. It is, therefore, an excellent opportunity for a company to promote its Social and Environmental Responsibility.


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How Smart Mobility solutions can be used in companies


Parking management tools, carpooling apps, and other digital platforms to manage travel and mobility in a SMART way are all Smart Mobility solutions. By combining solutions as such and an effective mobility plan, companies are able to offer a better mobility experience to their employees and, at the same time, to better align with the CSR policy and create an environmentally friendly brand image.


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