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Alides, real estate investor and developer, adopted Izix as the digital smart parking management system to efficiently manage the spots across its portfolio of both residential and office assets.

4 sites

>300 spots

11 tenants

About Alides

Alides, a familial real estate actor and part of the Group Maes from Ghent founded in 1892, has been an established value in the real estate sector for generations. Thanks to its hybrid profile of investor and developer and with the focus on quality, sustainability and innovation Alides realizes its expansion strategy on strong urban locations in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland. With its long-time experience in office and residential real estate, Alides wishes to perpetuate and reinforce its position as a reference real estate company.

Thanks to a long-term vision, a customer-based approach and turn-key solutions, Alides is realizing its mission as “your partner in real estate”. Alides’ private real estate portfolio is valued over 650 million € and its development pipeline represents a future turnover of more than 900 million €.

July 2022
Real Estate


In Alides’ existing portfolio, parking was traditionally leased with a fixed number of spots per tenant, with tenants being responsible for their own parking management. However, given the market evolution, Alides realized that this model was no longer applicable to new project development, and soon to be outdated for their existing assets. Specifically due to:

  • New legislation: regulations have evolved to limit the amount of parking available in each building, making parking spaces a scarce resource. Alides faced a restricted number of spots on multiple locations. They expected this scarcity to worsen over time.
  • Multiple tenants and mixed use: the variety of users, both professional and residential, with professional users wishing to use parking spaces mainly during office hours and residential users wishing to use their spaces mainly at night and weekends, made parking management complex. A solution had to be found to better adapt to the different users to ensure tenant satisfaction.
  • Outdated technology: old systems installed on some buildings were becoming obsolete, causing a lot of trouble to enter and manage parking.

Given these constraints, it was important for Alides to think of new ways to use parking spaces as efficiently as possible.

Parking management today, compared to the past, brings many more challenges than one would at first glance estimate. And due to growing scarcity and technological innovations, this is a trend that will continue. - Michiel Van Mulders, Alides

Alleviate parking scarcity and provide tenant’s greater flexibility

Izix smart parking management system enables Alides to manage parking efficiently across 3 sites, providing numerous advantages. The system is flexible enough to meet the specific needs of all occupiers, including residential and professional tenants.

  • Centralized parking management: the management of access happens via one single platform for the multiple sites of Alides. The tool provides Alides the possibility to define the quota for each tenant and tailor the access strategy for each site.
  • Future-proof digital access: the access to the parking happens via the Izix mobile app or via keypad. Both options are barrier-agnostic and compatible with existing systems, providing a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution.
  • Predictive and transparent system: the tool displays the real-time occupancy on each parking lot, allowing users to anticipate future availability. The system collects data on parking usage, which gave transparency to Alides on how the parking was being used and understand tenants’ behavior.

These advantages make the smart parking management system a cost-effective solution for those looking to optimize parking management.

As a result across the 4 sites, Alides observed key improvements on the areas of

  • Optimized occupancy: the flexibility brought by the solution together with the collected data enabled Alides to efficiently optimize the parking occupancy of each site.
  • Time-saving management: the solution eliminated the need for badge management and saving significant time for building or fleet managers to manage access.
  • Operational efficiency: the reliability of the app decreased the number of questions and support needed.

- 70%

time needed for parking management


effort on support