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Turn parking into an asset for the tenant experience.

4 sites

> 1000 parking spots

+40 tenants

About Befimmo

Befimmo is a Belgian real estate investor, operator and developer. They have a mixed-use portfolio of buildings in city centers throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. It is worth approx. €2.8 billion and comprises 60 offices, multi-tenant buildings and 8 coworking spaces.

As a forward-thinking player in a competitive market, Befimmo is committed to offering flexible, modular services and using digital solutions to optimize their customers’ experiences. In terms of mobility, Befimmo provides a full range of facilities including provision of electric bikes, electric vehicle charging systems, smart parking systems and mobility hubs.

2021 - 2023
Real Estate


  • Improve tenant experience: Befimmo believes that the tenant experience is one of the must-haves of any new building. They then aim to provide additional services to their tenants.
  • Have a future-proof solution: Befimmo wanted to take a strategic approach and move towards a smart building to ensure the competitive position on a long-term.
  • Manage multi-site parkings: Izix had to take into consideration the 4 parking sites. They are located in different locations and have their own parking policies, so it was necessary to combine the sites into a single app for easy management and access.
  • Handle multiple mobility needs: Befimmo needed a parking organization that could adapt to different type of mobility such as electric vehicles or bikes.


Izix enables property managers to offer to their operational teams a single tool for managing the various parking lots and reporting on its usage, while meeting tenants' expectations.

  • An intuitive and simple tenant experience: thanks to the app and the web interface, tenants can easily plan and manage their parking usage according to their needs.
  • Future-proof parking digitalisation: improve building attractiveness and support their long-term strategy with a unique tool.
  • Multi-site modular and evolutive approach: Izix was implemented from the beginning on 3 different sites and later on to a fourth site to manage via a single parking management interface all accesses across the sites.
  • Set up a parking policy that support the new mobility ambitions: the parking was divided in zones according to its mobility usage (EV, bikes, etc) to allow for optimal experience for user

4 sites



parking spots


Tenants onboarded


For the property manager, Izix gives the opportunity to have a centralized place to manage the different parking lots and have a view on occupation rates. For the tenants, Izix offers an improved parking experience within Befimmo building app and allow to manage the accesses of their own employees.