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Cliniques de l'Europe

Managing parking complexity in a hospital environment.

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About the clinics

Les Cliniques de l'Europe are a reference hospital group for Brussels and its surroundings. As a multilingual general hospital, the institution provides comprehensive care across its three sites: Ste-Elisabeth in Uccle, St-Michel in Etterbeek/European Quarter, and the Bella Vita Medical Center in Waterloo.

Through close collaboration between their 300 specialist doctors and 1800 staff members, the Cliniques care for nearly 2500 patients every day to provide accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and personalized care. To do so, the hospital uses state-of-the-art medical technologies in a modern infrastructure that enables high-quality care for each patient with maximum safety and comfort.

March 2022


Les Cliniques de l'Europe faced several challenges in managing their visitor (patients) and employee parking lot:

  • on the one hand, high attendance particularly during peak hours, resulted in a saturation of visitor and employee spots. There was no available spots anymore for appointments or during work hours. This resulted in significant financial losses and a negative impact on the institution's image that could not ensure customer satisfaction.
  • on the other hand, the hospital had no visibility into parking usage neither control over the accesses for employees.

Given these factors, managing parking internally was no longer sustainable . The Cliniques de l'Europe turned to Izix, in combination with a parking operator partner, for the overall management of their parking facilities.


A‍ holistic parking offer

The group was seduced by the combined offer of the Izix solution and the public parking operator Indigo to cover the management of its various parking lots 24/7:

  • Employee parking is managed by Izix software
  • Visitor parking is managed by Indigo

In this first use case, the flexibility of the Izix tool made it possible to cover the multitude of use cases for the employees. A clear and successful parking policy was established:

  • Definition of employees categories: 8 main categories (management, doctors, admin, supervisors, etc.)
  • Assignment of access for each category of users: guaranteed access for doctors and night and weekend staff; reservation for administrative and healthcare staff during the week
  • Priority rules for different groups

During the launch phase, transparent communication with all users and close support in adopting the solution were necessary. A project led together with the Clinics and Izix, which is in constant evolution still today.

Advantages of the Izix solution

  • Multi-site and centralized parking access management
  • Implementation of accesses according to a transparent policy
  • Reporting on attendance that allows the implementation of relevant actions and a full optimization of the parking usage
  • Objective achieved to guarantee a parking spot for employees while maintaining revenue similar to pre-COVID crisis
  • Autonomous management for users with an easy-to-use and real-time tool

I would like to highlight the professionalism and responsiveness of the Izix teams throughout the entire project. I felt very supported! It is rare to find this level of involvement and support in companies today during an implementation phase" - Michael Schmid

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