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Covivio implemented Izix to answer to the tenants needs and digitalize the parking management.

5 buildings

1000+ Spots

40+ Tenants

About Covivio

Covivio, a European real estate player, is close to end users capturing their aspirations, combining work, travel, living and co-selling living spaces. With around €27 billion in assets, Covivio supports companies, hotel brands and territories in their challenges of attractiveness, transformation and responsible performance.

An operator that offers innovative and personalized services

Covivio is an operator that combines the strength of a large property company with the agility of their operational teams. They are capable of anticipating all developments in the office while ensuring quality services in its buildings inspired by the hotel industry. The deployment of a smart parking solution with Izix enabled Covivio to meet the vision of the group and expectations of its tenants.

2022 - 2023
Real Estate


  • Need for flexibility: due to the widespread of home working, the presence of employees on site has become much more variable, impacting the use of corporate parking. Its management had then to become flexible.
  • Guarantee spot availability: Covivio wants to automate and regulate the management of parking quotas between tenants to ensure maximum availability.
  • Offer integrated services: it is essential for Covivio to ensure the smoothest parking user experience with a suitable digital and innovative solution.
  • Combine simplicity and speed: allowing employees to anticipate their arrival to the office by quickly and simply booking a parking space.

The Izix solution

A software that ensures the respect of leases

Covivio defines the number of spots allocated to each tenant directly in the application ensuring the respect of quotas. 

A scalable solution

A flexible and evolutive version of Izix was rolled out for the users to fit their needs.

Reduced administrative burden

Covivio benefits from a centralized management of leases, across multiple buildings.

An improved tenant experience

Users can benefit from the access rights that they need and have information on spots availability.

We have chosen to deploy the Izix Smart Parking solution on several of our office buildings as it is a tool that meets the expectations of our tenants and teams. This solution allows our customers a complete management and a permanent vision of the occupancy of their parking spaces. It also gives employees the flexibility they need today.

Izix was implemented and rolled out on multiple buildings

Izix has been deployed progressively on different buildings of Covivio's portfolio to meet the specific challenges of each site. 

Quai 8.2 - Bordeaux: Izix gives Covivio's tenants the flexibility they are expecting

  • The need for more flexible parking was raised directly by tenants on site and Covivio wanted to respond to it quickly. Izix now enables each tenant to optimize their parking spots independently and manage an unlimited number of employees.
  • 450 parking spots
  • > 40 tenants

21 Marquette - Toulouse : the Izix solution was deployed to anticipant the tenant's needs

  • Covivio soon identified a high pressure on parking occupancy and wanted to anticipate its saturation. Izix made it possible to organise users' arrival on site 100% autonomously and without any friction.
  • 230 parking spots
  • > 10 tenants

So-Pop Saint-Ouen - Paris : Izix completes the building service offering

  • Covivio has developed a site at the cutting edge of technology and service. It was clear that digitalization had to extend to the parking lots. Izix was therefore a key element that could be highlighted when commercialising the asset.
  • 250 parking spots
  • Integration into the building app Witco

Cité Numérique - Bordeaux : Coworking, start-up incubators, a city at the heart of digital development

  • Digitalization is at the heart of this innovative project. Izix responds to all the complexities and mixed uses of this site, to provide all tenants with a parking digital experience that lives up to the site expectations.
  • 200 spots

Maslö - Levallois-Peret: a building with a "care" approach that facilitates the return to the office

  • Well-being in the office starts with a frictionless arrival on site and in the parking lot. Izix works with tenants to optimize usage and meet all employees' needs.
  • 385 parking spots


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traffic flow


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