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Grant Thornton

Digitalized parking to support office space transformation and multi-site management.

2 parkings

50 spots

>200 Employees

About Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is one of the largest networks of independent accounting and consulting firms worldwide, with more than 65 000 professionals active across more than 140 countries. They provide services in the field of audit, accountancy, tax & legal business advice.

Even before the COVID crisis, Grant Thornton was already convinced by the importance of flexible ways of working and believed in the power of smarter offices and digitalization. With that ambition, they decided to partner up with Colliers, a real estate consulting firm. Colliers helped them take the leap quickly to transform their offices in Brussels and then subsequently in Gent and Antwerp. In all these locations, digitalization was at the heart of the services to embed the hybrid work and well-being at work. More specifically in the location of Antwerp, Grant Thornton realized there would be pressure on the parking lot due to the limited amount of spaces available in their new building.

Together with Colliers one of the trusted real estate partners in the Izix network Grant Thornton decided to implement a smart parking solution to manage their limited parking spaces. This would ensure a smooth and joyful parking experience for employees and visitors.

December 2021


Multiple parking challenges arose from the reduction of parking spaces. Grant Thornton was looking at Izix’s solution to help them overcome it.  

  • Take into consideration the 2 parking sites, located in 2 separate buildings: combining both sites into a single app for easy management and access
  • Provide employees visibility on the availability: allowing employees to focus on delivering their work, rather than thinking about practicalities when coming to work
  • Handle visitors : as a client-oriented company, it was key to be able to accommodate clients regularly coming on site

The Izix Solution

Izix was deployed across the two buildings in Antwerp to welcome both the clients and employees of Grant Thornton. The tool was implemented and configured according to Grant Thornton’s specific parking situation.  

A centralized parking management system

The management of the two parking lots is performed from one single platform. This means administrators benefit from a consolidated view on the occupancy of both parkings, while adapting the access rights for each. This enables an optimal use of the parkings, while meeting the company’s user needs and taking the operational realities into consideration .  

Deployment of a simple and fair parking policy

Grant Thornton attaches great importance to employee equality and embeds a flat management structure. Therefore, they decided to implement a parking policy where all employees have the same reservation rights to the parkings. Next to that, current and future availabilies of the two parking lots are displayed in real-time to the employees via the application. Combining transparency of parking availability and equal parking access rights accelerated the employee adoption of Izix.


A smooth experience for employees and visitors

The parking policy was tailored further to provide visitors and employees the most pleasant on-site experience. Basically, a certain number of parking lots in the closest parking (below the building) is dedicated for external clients. Employees can easily book a spot in Izix’s tool for the day of the client’s visit, who will then be independent in accessing the parking. Employees can also benefit from this closeby parking when they wish to come for a short period of time to the office. If alternatively they would stay longer (e.g. more than half a day), employees use the other parking situated a bit further away. Overall, Izix’s solution supports the people-centric vision of Grant Thornton by accommodating both employees and visitors' needs.

Continuous operational support

The implementation took about 6 weeks with the help of a customer success agent at Izix. Once the solution was put in place, the support team monitored the well-functioning of the parking and was able to intervene quickly in case of issues or questions of employees (usually in less than a few hours resolution time). Grant Thornton also underlines the proactivity of the support team in making sure everything runs smoothly.  

Sometimes the commercial side is very convincing but the operational side, the implementation isn't always that smooth and that's where Izix really stood out. More than being reactive, the team was very proactive in making sure everything was working well - Facility Manager at Grant Thornton

In collaboration with Colliers as a trusted partner

Building on its ecosystem of partners, Izix was able to count on Colliers for its recommendations and support throughout the project. This partnership enabled to fully address Grant Thornton's needs in their relocation project.

After a selection of potential partners for this parking management system for our customer Grant Thornton, Izix stood out. In addition to the professionnal commercial explanation, everything was also observed during the implementation and Izix experts helped to find solutions - Colliers

Achieved results
  • A solution in line with Grant Thornton’s digitalisation mindset and supporting their smart office transformation
  • A quick and widespread adoption from the employees, who became independent in the planning and access to its office parking
  • A system to support their company’s DNA to extensively consider clients’ needs
  • A smooth technical and operational delivery, leading to a frictionless user experience


Occupancy on the Onyx Building


Regular users


Reduction of admin burden