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Newton Offices

Transform parking usage to adapt it to flexible and innovative workplaces.

5320 m2

184 parking spots

600 users

About Newton Offices

Newton Offices designs and operates new-generation workspaces, offered as flexible, ready-to-use rentals. The Marseille-based operator currently has 5 sites in Marseille, Montpellier, Aix-en-Provence, Villeneuve d'Ascq, and Lyon, with a total surface area of nearly 30,000 m2. With its turnkey leased spaces, Newton Offices simplifies the constraints linked to corporate real estate for both local small/ medium companies and regional headquarters of major groups (EDF, EY, Havas, One Point, Alterea, IBM, Babilou, etc.).

March 2022
Aix-en-Provence (France)


For its site in Aix-en-Provence, Newton Offices aimed to optimise the use of the parking lot, based on the needs of both permanent and occasional tenants. The building has 476 workstations for only 184 parking spots. One year after their opening, it became essential to move from a nominative parking reservation system to a more dynamic system based on the actual ins and outs of its users.

  • Spot availability: ensure that users have a parking spot available whenever they need it
  • Flexible access: offer permanent and occasional users the ability to book a parking spot based on the days and times they are at the office space
  • Dynamic billing: rely on a pay-per-use system rather than a fixed price


Improved building occupancy rate

The lack of parking spots had become an obstacle to signing new contracts. This flexible and participative solution allowed Newton Offices to increase the attractiveness of its space.

Occupancy optimisation

Parking spaces are fully mutualized across all tenants, ensuring availability at all time and optimising occupancy rates.

Encourage users towards the use of greener mobility

The implementation of this new system was also an opportunity to send a message to the users of the Newton Offices Golf des Milles site. The fact that they have to book their parking in advance has encouraged residents to use alternative and greener mobility, in line with Newton Offices' CSR commitments.

A qualitative service and an improved user experience

Each tenant is free to book a parking spot as needed. The parking policy favours half-day reservations over long-term reservations. This encourages users to reserve only for the period they really need the spot and to respect the time slot they have booked.


Newton Offices offers a parking billing system based on the actual consumption of its users, a more innovative model than the traditional commercial lease based one. This approach gives Newton Office a competitive advantage over other buildings in the sector where reserving a certain number of fixed parking spots throughout the year remains the norm.

We wanted to position parking as an opportunity to stand out, rather than a burden to manage. Izix fully supports this vision and adapts to future needs
- Facility Manager, Newton Offices


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